Transfer Station Rules

  • All vehicles entering the Station must have a current permit sticker attached to the lower right (passenger's) side of the windshield.
  • To obtain a sticker you must show proof of current residency (i.e. vehicle registration or tax bill) and pay the assessed fee.
  • If borrowing a vehicle the resident must be present with proof of residency.
  • Only clear or transparent trash bags will be accepted.
  • The decision of the attendant overrules signs or guidelines.
  • The speed limit at the Station is 15 mph, please be conscious of other’s safety if not your own.
  • Recycling is mandatory. Bags may be opened or rejected for content.
(please rinse containers)
-Paper: All paper products. Newspaper, Junk mail, card board (soda boxes, cereal boxes, etc) shredded paper, etc. "anything that tears"
-Tin Cans
-Aluminum foils and pet food cans
-Aluminum beverage cans are separated into their own individual container.
-#1 -#7 plastics (see recycling triangle on bottom or container)
- Glass
Bulky Waste
(see fee schedule)
Large non-recyclable plastics, mattresses, rugs, non-wood furniture, sheet rock, pressure treated lumber, insulation.
(please remove as much cloth and plastic as possible)
-Scrap iron: car parts, lawnmowers, bikes, strollers, etc.
-Scrap Aluminum: siding, gutters, lawn furniture, grills, etc.
-Copper Wire
-Scrap copper
(see fee schedule)
TV's, microwaves, CPU's, monitors, DVD players, steros, printers, etc. (Anything with a circuit board)
Mercury Containing ItemsFlorescent bulbs, compact florescent bulbs, thermometers, mercury cell batteries
Construction Debris
(see fee schedule)
Painted/stained wood, shingles, plywood, particle board, wood furniture, plaster, ceramics, pane glass.
Waste Oil Used motor oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, cooking oil.
Household Hazardous WasteAll hazardous wastes are to be stored for disposal at your home until the Household Hazardous Waste Day events are held. HHWD events will be scheduled periodically throughout the year by the town. The date, time and location of these events will be posted ASAP.
Burn PitWood stove ash may be placed in burn pit only if ash is totally burned out.
Brush and Limbs not over 5 inches in diameter.

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